lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

American and Chinese friends, let Family Party spread its wings!

Dear friends from far away yet close to our hearts, we know that you often visit our Family Party Blog. We are sure that your discovery of the activities carried out by Family Party in Italy -right from where you are, the United States and China- has been originated by your need to find a real interpreter of the issues connected to family itself. Your growing interest (shown by the analysis of our data) is a value for us, to be enhanced and invested in, for the collective welfare and for our Association's sake.

Family is now a social subject of little relevance to some companies, large investors, even for institutions around the world! Family Party, on the contrary, works in the social field to shield the values and the visibility of the family institution. Our Association was born in Catania, a town in the beautiful island of Sicily, Italy, but it has also been successful in Como and Turin, as additional Italian sites of the Association itself.

Our look at the future is wide, deep, boundless! We want to cross the geographical boundaries of our country, taking Family Party oversea, and your presence can give strength and enthusiasm to our project. American and Chinese friends and visitors of the Family Party Blog, let's work together to open new branches of the Association also in America and China!

Please, show your interest by sending an email to
Let the Family Party spread its wings, let's boost the family values!

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